The Youth League

    The Youth Congress’ Youth Leagues in Kenya

    (A) Preamble
    What are the main benefits for organizations and individuals who are members of The Youth Congress Youth Leagues?

      • Consolidated youth voice for change that acts together by mobilizing and organizing collective knowledge, skills, expertise, influence and power to advance the youth agenda. • Experiences and lessons for better understanding, exchanges and engagement in the youth sector. • Capacity building for collective action through trainings, networking, exposure, partnership and linkages. • Enhanced organization(s) influence for youth condition, position and space for an inclusive society. • Contribution to people centered, accountable and responsive governance towards the "Kenya that Youth Want". • Linking local conversations on youth demands, concerns and aspirations to national, regional and global discourse. • The Youth Congress and Youth Leagues in Kenya are not funding organizations, though they work with youth to identify and mobilize resources to advance the youth agenda.

    Submission deadline Tuesday November 5th, 2020.

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    (C) More about the organization.
    11. Organization Sector of Operation

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    12. Whats the organization sector of operation? (e.g. Children, Women, People with disability etc.)
    13. Whats the organization main focus?
    14. Whats the organization scope or reach and county of operation?

    (D)Future Engagements
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